Edifier G2000 Bluetooth PC Gaming Speakers with RGB Lights - Black

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The Edifier G2000 2.0 Bluetooth RGB gaming speakers are a 2.75-inch full-range unit with 16W RMS power output and a column-shaped cabinet with backward mega bass port. Also features 12 lighting effects to enhance your gaming experience, a mechanical shift lever for easy to control volume, music, game, and movie sound modes for dynamic listening, and support inputs via Bluetooth, USB sound card and AUX cable, plus a sub-woofer output interface.


Small Volume with High Power

Hi-fi 2.75-Inch full frequency unit, composite fiber sound basin with a shield reflector cone. The independent power supply unit provides 8W+8W of continuous undistorted power with a peak value of up to 16W+16W.


Professional EQ Adjustments

Professional sound chip in the G2000 is made with a fine tune EQ data algorithm to achieve game, movie and music EQ modes to easily adjust between your entertainment choice.


Decorate Your Desktop

Customize your desktop with RGB lights and switch between 12 light set ups with a push of a button. Providing you a big visual and sound feast.


Multiple Connections Offering Wide Compatibility

Compatible with a variety of interfaces including USB, Bluetooth & 3.5mm AUX. All so you can connect to your computer, desktop, smartphone to start your gaming session.


Make Your Games Sound Amazing

Hi-fi realistic sound delivers powerful bass, clear trebles and sufficient volume to fill a small room. Now you can immerse yourself while watching movies, playing games or listening to your favourite music.



  • Bass Unit: 2 ¾ inch
  • Total Power Input: R/L 8W+8W
  • Maximum Power: 16W+16W
  • Frequency Response: R/L: 98Hz-20KHz
  • Noise level: ≤25dB(A)

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